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Great Guide On Wire Rope Lubricator

A Comprehensive Guide to Lubricator for Oil Rig Ropes

One of the most outstanding aspects of oil rig structures is the critical role of wire rope lubricator in the whole system. They seem to breathe life into the large machines that are part of such a platform. It thus goes without saying that maintaining these materials will either make or break your operation.

Wire Rope Lubricator in Brief

Without oil rig ropes, the whole system would basically fall apart. They are applied as drag lines, tow lines, bridge guy lines and even elevator lines. In all these uses, these wire ropes are forced to adjust to one another under stress and in hostile environments.  This is where Masto lubricator for oil riggs comes in to play a fundamental role.

The Critical Role of Lubricator for Oil Riggs

Whatever the lay of the rope, be it right, left, regular or lang, these wires are made from high carbon steel for versatility, strength and resilience. Despite these impressive qualities and even with galvanization added to the mix the hostile environment under which these materials operate necessitates lubrication.

Principally, wire rope lubricator serves to:

  1. Prove corrosion protection and lubricate the fiber core inside and the exterior surface.
  2. Reduce friction as each wire adjusts under the strain and in the process moves against each other.
  3. Clean old lubricant, corrosive damage, and foreign objects forced on the wires.
  4. Elongate the life of your oil rig ropes in operation. This in turn saves money that would have been used repairing or replacing these essential parts.
  5. Enhance safety as corroding wires can snap anytime leading  to devastating effects

The efficiency of lubrication is highlighted in the fact that these benefits are all achieved in one clean sweep. Your wires will have their surface and grooves scraped clean as the lubricant is applied on their surface. Any surface moisture trapped is displaced to avoid latent corrosive effect.

Types of Wire Rope Lubricator

Now that you appreciate the importance of wire rope lubricators it is vital to understand the different types of lubricants. These are:

  1. Foam penetrating lubricants: These contain a petroleum solvent which serves as the carrier of the wire rope lubricator into the core of the ropes. This solvent then evaporates leaving behind an effective protective film for every strand.
  2. Coating lubricants: These work as sealants and once applied they effectively coat the wires by penetrating slightly to seal off any moisture and grit from touching wire strands.

There are many other variations of these major lubrication options. These compounds can be asphaltic-based, petroleum-based, resin-based, greases among others.

Whether you are working in Antigua, Oregon or Texas the bottom-line remains that you need the best lubricator for oil riggs to protect your oil rig ropes.Sponsored by maskinentreprenør(boring eperts).

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